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Please Note: The owner of this site (Rev. Allan F. Wells-Goodwin) passed away on March 27, 2007.

After-pastors are serving churches where previous clergy misconduct has taken place, it may be of a sexual nature, regarding financial matters or any violation of the sacred trust. This violation has the potential to create unhealthy dynamics within the local church. Distrust of the current pastor, lack of trust in the denomination, poor communication and decisions that get changed outside of the official meetings are but a few of the presenting symptoms. A more complete description can be found by viewing the page "What is an after-pastor church" or within some of the resource books noted.

Those in this ministry by accident or by design may need training, awareness and support to fulfill the mission of restoring the integrity of the Pastoral Office wherever possible. Pastoral ministry in a church wounded by misconduct is usually frustrating, demanding and efforts to grow or expand are unfruitful or short lived at best. How a given pastor responds to this environment can make matters worse. It will also require a non-anxious presence to help stabilize these churches.

This web site is intended to provide after-pastors with information and support about serving wounded churches, resources for this unique ministry and a forum to offer supportive guidance. Comments, suggestions and reflections may be submitted to this site by e-mailing at:


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Contacts for Additional Training and Support:

AEPPP Associates in Education & Prevention in Pastoral Practice, Inc.
PO Box 63
44 Main Street
North Kingstown, RI 02852

Phone: 401-295-0698

Fax: 401-295-8721


APART is for pastors called or appointed to serve churches after previous clergy misconduct has occurred.

A servant ministry to the hurting church leader For those who need help with wounding and burnout.


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