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Supporting Interim and After pastors Helps Healing Process:
by Nancy Myer Hopkins

Tasks of Interim or After Pastor:

Staying physically and emotionally healthy
Asking for complete account of what happened from church officials
Understanding the dynamics of traumatized congregations
Knowing that a lot of the flack is "not about me" but also able to be
personally accountable and ask for useful feedback
Getting supervision, extra support from the denomination.
In an after pastor group if possible
Knowing the unhealthy ways in which one tends to use to manage anxiety,
and putting healthy ones in place.
Having interests and friends outside the church.
Maintaining a non-anxious presence
Understanding the function of anxiety in the system
Learning to respond rather than react
Staying connected with everyone, but maintaining a separate self
Staying connected with various factions, but not getting captured by them.
Being clear that victim/survivors are to remain welcome in the community,
and to be given support.
Restoring trust by being trustworthy and dependable
Working with laity to design healing strategies
Not getting ahead of the pack
Thinking of large and small ways to:
Restore trust
Help people grieve all of their losses
Gradually open up the system
Restore other things lost.





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